Hayes Locums’ Training Development Department has been recognized as one of the top training departments in the world for three years running.

While many companies take a firehose approach to training, hitting you with as much information as quickly as possible, at Hayes Locums, we emphasize quality over quickness––because before an employee starts their new job, we want them to feel fully confident in their ability to do it well.

Here are some of the ways we accomplish this goal:

Full Immersion Training

Our training program is twelve weeks long, with a robust curriculum that progressively ramps up based on the specific milestones of an employee or speciality-specific team. It is fully run by our training development team, who have experience in every area of Hayes Locums, and expertise in the best practices of learning and development.

Because it can be intimidating to immediately jump into work with a team that has been around longer and has more experience, we allow new employees to train with their fellow new hires, so that everyone is learning together. 

This immersive training environment offers new hires the space and support they need to build confidence before transitioning into their new role.

Practical, Hands-on Learning

Our goal as a training development department is for new employees to feel successful in their role as soon as possible.  We do this by focusing on practical application in training: instead of presenting new hires with a lecture and an orientation packet and letting them figure out how to apply these principles on their own, we let them practice the actual skills necessary for their role through hands-on training.

Our methodology is simple: watch me, show me, teach me.

We start out with brief demonstrations, and then transition to individual sit-downs so new hires can practice the skills that they learned. Once they have mastered those skills, we ask them to teach those skills back to us, because research shows that people learn better when they are given the opportunity to not only practice their skills, but teach them, too. And because we know that everyone retains information differently, we offer a variety of training methods, and constantly adapt them to best suit our trainees’ needs.

This in-the-moment, hands-on training style gives employees the practical skills that they need to feel successful in their role––because if they experience those wins sooner, they’ll stick around longer.


At Hayes Locums, we believe learning doesn’t stop at training. So we help support new hires by connecting them with more experienced team members that they can lean on as they start out in their new roles.

During training, we invite longstanding employees to attend training to share their best practices they’ve learned on the job, offer career advice, and answer questions. Facilitating these kinds of peer-to-peer interactions, which don’t always happen organically when you’re new to a role, helps new hires feel a sense of belonging.

Consistent Communication of our Values

Two of the main values that all of our employees share are: 

  1. Putting the needs of the physicians and facilities first.
  2. Committing to always doing the right thing. 

We thread these values consistently through every part of our training, so that new hires fully understand their importance.

By the time they graduate training into their new roles, our employees have fully internalized these values so they can better serve physicians and facilities.

Did you know? One of the ways we know we’ve been successful as a training development department, beyond awards: 22% of our new hires are referred by Hayes Locums employees. We view this as one of our biggest metrics of success: that our employees are so invigorated by what they learn during training that it inspires them to reach out to friends and family and invite them to join the team, too.

If you’re interested in seeing if a career at Hayes Locums might be for you, check out our careers page, or take a look at what current jobs we have open.