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  • Do I have a choice where I'm placed?

    Yes! Communicate with your Hayes Locums consultant about the locations where you'd like to be placed or use our online job search to find an assignment in a specific region.
  • Who makes my travel arrangements for locums work?

    Our Hayes Locums travel department will handle all the logistics for your travel needs. If you have special requirements, make sure to let us know. Click here to view our updated Locums Travel Guide.
  • What is the IMLC?

    The IMLC is an agreement among participating states to streamline and expedite the licensing process for physicians. Click here to learn more about how the IMLC expedites the licensing process for physicians across the country.
  • How do I negotiate to get the terms and pay I want for a locum tenens position?

    When you communicate your needs to your Hayes Locums consultant, we negotiate with facilities on your behalf.
  • If I have limited availability, can I work a portion of an open job?

    Yes. You can choose contracts to fit your schedule. You may have the option to fill a portion of a need and an additional provider can work the remaining part of the schedule. If the facility is asking the clinician for more time than he or she wants to commit to, there may be an option to contract for a portion of the extension.
  • How do I apply for a state license, if I am interested in working out of state?

    Assignments are often posted in advance, allowing a provider time to obtain licensure. We do have trained hired staff that assist with completing the required medical license applications.
  • How do I obtain a medical license for the state in which the locums position is located?

    Requirements for obtaining a medical license will vary from state to state. Please refer to our Provider Resources for further information on individual states. We do have an in-house credentialing team that is available for assistance with processing.
  • Do I need my own malpractice insurance to work locum tenens?

    No. Providers must use malpractice insurance provided through Hayes Locums. Each provider working with Hayes Locums is provided with medical malpractice insurance for each assignment that they work. This insurance covers each provider even after they have completed their assignment.
  • How do I complete credentialing for the assignment?

    Hayes Locums' Credentialing Department takes the burden off the provider and helps to complete the steps necessary to get the provider working as soon as possible. We have separate internal and external credentialing teams, and a representative will be assigned to you to help streamline the process.
  • What is the makeup of a team? Why does Hayes Locums work on specialty-specific teams?

    A team will consist of your specialized personal sales consultant, credentialing, and the medical staff representatives. Our consultants work on specialty teams on focus only on specific medical specialties. This way, our medical recruiters learn the ins-and-outs and become recruiting specialists in each area.


  • Can I work as a locum physician if I am a resident or fellow?

    Yes, depending on specialty. Locum tenens is an appealing option for residents and fellows, as it gives them the opportunity to try different healthcare facilities prior to committing to a permanent position. Most young physicians also have a considerable amount of outstanding debt when they finish residency. Locum tenens allows an additional way to pay down student loans more quickly, which can save thousands of dollars in interest.

Advanced Practitioners

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