At Hayes Locums, our internal credentialing process is designed to set every provider up for success.

Our locum tenens credentialing process is designed to help us gain a deep understanding of each locums provider’s skills and experience, so we are fully prepared to match you with the right locum tenens positions for you.

Since the credentialing process for locum tenens can take 1-2 months, we usually recommend starting the process before confirming your first assignment, so we can ensure your placement is a great fit. 

Here’s how it works:

Complete the Hayes Locums Application

The first step of getting credentialed with Hayes Locums is completing our online application, so we can get to know your background, skills, and experience.

Our provider application is more thorough than most, because we want to make sure we’re covering every single base. It includes many of the same questions you might see when undergoing the medical licensing or hospital privileging process.

Here are some of the things we’ll ask for:   

  • Your CV. This should dated in a month/year format, and should also account for any gaps in experience;
  • A list of references, including direct phone numbers and email addresses;
  • A clinical capabilities form, which lists your experience with clinical procedures; this helps us identify your clinical scope of work so we can find opportunities that align with your skill set and experience.

This information prepares us to serve as your advocate, so we can find you not just a good locum tenens opportunity, but one that is uniquely suited to your skills and experience.

Compile Necessary Paperwork

Along with your application, we will also need supporting documentation, which you can upload directly with the application. This includes things like:

  • Diplomas & Certificates, including medical school diplomas, and undergraduate and masters diplomas for APCs;
  • Certificates, including internship and residency certificates, fellowship certificates (if applicable), board certifications, and DEA;
  • State Licenses, for any state in which you’ve practiced;
  • Proof of Identification, including driver’s license and permanent residence card if applicable;
  • Certificates of Insurance (COI), including details like dates of coverage, limits of coverage, and details of limitations or exclusions;
  • History of Malpractice, if applicable, including any malpractice claims, suits, and/or settlements.

Because we know that paperwork can sometimes be burdensome, we take on as much of the workload as possible. Your consultant can assist with the process of uploading the required  documents so that they are easily accessible to the credentialing team. Together with the credentialing team, they are responsible for moving the process forward, and alerting you if further information is needed.

To save time, most of this same information can also be used during the licensing and hospital privileging process, eliminating the need for redundant paperwork.

Our goal is to take as much of the administrative burden off of the provider, so you can focus on what matters: your patients.

Vetting Your References and Experience

At this point in the process, we will reach out to the references that you listed in your application. It’s a good idea to contact your references in advance, so they know to expect a call. Keep in mind that the facility will contact your references as well, so you may want to let them know that they may be contacted several times––especially if you are applying for positions at multiple facilities.

During the final stage of the internal credentialing process, our team carefully reviews all the information we’ve compiled to make sure we have a full understanding of your qualifications and experience.

Our goal at this stage, and every stage, is to ensure that we send you into each assignment as prepared as possible.

Our internal credentialing process is designed to set providers up for success, so we can find you the right match, and send you into your assignment feeling confident and fully prepared.

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