Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers have grappled with mounds of paperwork and long hours, and have rarely had time for their families, let alone themselves.¹ This problem has been compounded by rising COVID-19 cases. Workloads are heavier, and the mental and emotional toll of healthcare is higher. Locum work is one of many ways to alleviate the toll on providers.

Across the country, healthcare providers opt for locums work for a myriad of reasons. Whether they’re looking for increased salary, flexible scheduling, or a location change, Hayes Locums can help providers find a position with all of the above locum tenens benefits.

Why Should I Consider Locum Tenens?

Read the accounts of real healthcare professionals who found assignments with Hayes Locums, and learn five of the reasons why locum work is the choice of thousands of physicians and advanced practitioners across the U.S.

1. Curbing Burnout

“Much of [physician] burnout has to do with juggling the complexities of paperwork and balancing profit versus expenses. Locum tenens work is very circumscribed and defined. I do not come home to a mountain of incomplete paperwork on my desk. This change to clear cut duties and real time off has been wonderful.” – Psychiatrist, Colorado

In 2021, 42% of physicians reported they were burned out, and 58% attributed their burnout to too many bureaucratic tasks.² Locum tenens assignments reduce the prevalence of burnout by taking providers out of their usual routine, reducing the time spent on paperwork and increasing the time spent on patient care, and offering increased schedule flexibility. 

Facilities can also rely on locum tenens to lighten the workload. Bringing in locum providers and increasing coverage can reduce stress among their permanent medical staff, spread out patient engagement, and increase provider retention.

2. Filling the Care Gap

“Locums was the perfect job immediately following my fellowship training in vascular surgery. I was able to jump into a busy active practice, provide much needed service to a rural community, and hone my clinical skills.” – Vascular Surgeon, Oregon

In 2019, 26% of rural Americans said there has been a time in the past few years when they needed healthcare but did not get it.³ Locum tenens originated as a means to address provider shortages in underserved areas, and it continues to serve that purpose today. Locums providers are essential to all Americans receiving equal care.

3. Paying Off Student Loans

“[With locums] I can work at hospitals across the country—and everything is paid for, including my license! I have met new people, started accruing travel points, and learned how different centers practice. The biggest plus is the extra income earned is going directly to paying off my student loan debts.” – Pediatric Hospitalist, Illinois

The median medical school debt (not including loans from premedical education) totaled $200k among the class of 2019.⁴ Locum work is ideal for any stage in your career. Depending on your specialty, you can work locum tenens assignments during residency/fellowship to experience a variety of settings before settling on a full-time job while paying down student loans. 

4. Achieving Work-Life Balance

“[Locums] was a life-saving choice due to an unexpected job situation late in my career. Rather than move my family, and have my kids lose their friends and graduate from a different district, locums work allowed me to stay in my current location (which I really enjoy) and still have a great job.” – Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Florida

71% of physicians say that they lack adequate time for their personal life.⁵ Healthcare providers are chronically time-deficient. Locum tenens offers more control over when and where you work, making it a great option for providers with families.

5. Boosting Your Salary

“You can visit different hospitals across the country [with locums], work for a short period of time, network, enjoy new cities, make good money, and go home. You may very well make more money with locums than with a full-time salaried job.” – Emergency Medicine, Minnesota

Higher pay is one of the locums benefits most attractive to providers. Locum tenens physicians can take home 50% more pay per hour than full-time doctors.⁶ This powerful boost in pay can help you pay off school debt faster. It’s also possible to work both locums and a full-time job.

Hayes Locums helped all these medical providers find fulfilling, high-earning locum work. We can help you, too. Our consultants partner with you every step of the way. Start today by searching for an open position.

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