Providers of all ages, and in all stages of their careers, are eligible for locums work. Even if you’re still working full time — you can also work in a locums capacity.

Providers who’ve tried locum tenens work say they love it for a myriad of reasons:

  • Great compensation.
  • Opportunity to travel.
  • Work in different environments.
  • Flexibility and schedule control.
  • Career fulfillment. 

If you’re hearing about locums for the first time, you might be curious about what to expect. Here are seven of the most frequently asked locum tenens questions:

1.      How does locums work?

In locum tenens, you are stepping in for other providers who are taking time off for various situations or filling in a vacancy at an understaffed hospital. Once you complete an application with Hayes Locums, we work to find an ideal match for you and the health organization. The assignments are temporary. You can work anywhere from a weekend to several months.

2.     What is my employment designation?

As a locums provider, you are considered an independent contractor. For tax purposes, you complete a 1099 form. This form is used for independent contractors and reflects that you were paid for your assignments. We recommend that you consult with a tax professional for further details.  

3.     What compensation can I expect?

Locums compensation is extremely competitive. The more demanding the role is, the more competitive the pay is, especially if a provider has no limits on where they are willing to travel. Depending on how many assignments you choose to work and the nature of your contract, the compensation can equate to  or even exceed  your full-time scale. Factors involved include job location, length of the assignment, work duties and seasonality/time of the year.

4.    How do I get paid?

Compensation is discussed and agreed upon between parties prior to each assignment. The guesswork is taken out of the process for the provider. Generally, the more demanding the assignment in skill and hours, the more the provider is compensated for their time. Your pay is processed through Hayes Locums bi-monthly and you have the option to enroll in direct deposit. Compared to traditional physician compensation models this is an extremely simplified process.

5.     How will assignment travel be arranged?

If your locums assignment requires you to travel away from home, Hayes Locums works with you to arrange all travel, including transportation and housing. An in-house travel consultant will take care of all your reservations and you will receive a complete itinerary for your trip. Every situation is different, but we work to ensure that you are comfortable, especially on long-term assignments. We have 24/7 support available should you need assistance with any aspect of your travel arrangement, such as air travel, rental car or housing. Click here to learn how logistics like travel and housing are not a barrier to a potentially fulfilling locum tenens career. With the right partner, locum tenens work can take you anywhere you want to go.

6.     How is licensing handled?

Our in-house credentialing department has a team dedicated to state licensing. We can assist with the tedious task of filling out licensure paperwork and we will partner with you throughout the process. Many providers obtain new licenses for their locums assignments. Hayes Locums is an expert on licensing and has a deep understanding of the state boards of medicine.

7.     How is credentialing handled?

Our in-house credentialing department works on your behalf. We have teams dedicated to help you get credentialed with Hayes Locums and with each hospital or health system. We do the advance work for you, which means that we will compile the information, have you sign and complete the forms where needed, and we will finalize steps with the hospital or health system. We work with providers to minimize the pain point of paperwork.

Have more questions about locum tenens? Let’s talk. Call 1-888-837-3172.