Not sure whether locum tenens is right for you? In this guide, we’re debunking some of the biggest myths about locum tenens, and why now is a better time than ever to take the locums leap.

As hospitals’ reliance on locum tenens continues to increase, more and more doctors are becoming familiar with the benefits of locum tenens. And yet, some myths about the drawbacks of locum tenens still persist. Read on to find out the truth behind some of the biggest misconceptions about locum tenens. 

MYTH #1: Locums is only for doctors interested in travel.

Truth: while locums can be a great opportunity to travel, locum tenens physician jobs aren’t limited to travel roles. 

Whether you’re taking the occasional weekend assignment, or a long-term assignment in a nearby hospital, it is possible to work locums while staying close to home. If you prefer to work within driving distance to your home, just let your consultant know, and they will prioritize those jobs in their search.

MYTH #2: Locum tenens is too unpredictable to make into a full-time career.

Truth: with the growing demand for locums physicians, it’s possible to turn locum tenens into a full-time career in many specialties. 

Many hospitals use locums physicians on an ongoing basis to meet their staffing needs, which means that locums doctors can choose assignments that work for them. Whether you want to work 1-2 weeks a month on a recurring basis, or find a long-term assignment where you can thrive, as a locums physicians, you have the freedom and flexibility to build a locum tenens schedule that works for you.

MYTH #3: Locums doesn’t look good on your resume.

Truth: locum tenens physician jobs can enhance your CV for future employers.

Locums physicians are adaptable, resourceful, and have a wealth of experience that comes from working in so many diverse practice environments. As locums becomes more and more common, employers are familiar with locum tenens, and often see the experience that it brings to their facilities as a plus. As long as you’re taking care to account for any gaps in experience, there is no reason for locums to do anything but enrich your resume.

MYTH #4: Locums involves too much paperwork.

Truth: while working with different facilities can involve a lot of credentialing paperwork, a good locums agency will do everything they can to lighten your load. 

At Hayes Locums, we prefill as much information as we can on hospital and state license applications, using the information you provided during your internal credentialing process. Our team is also equipped to assist in gathering documentation and interfacing with facilities on your behalf. Throughout every part of the process, our goal is to  help shoulder the administrative burden, so you can focus on what you do best: helping patients.

MYTH #5: Locums doctors lack experience.

Truth: locums physicians gain clinical experience by working in many diverse environments. 

Experiencing a wide variety of practice settings can help you expand your skills by learning new techniques and working with different patient populations and medical teams. Locum tenens is often a symbiotic relationship that benefits both facilities and physicians: physicians  often bring experience that the facility is lacking, while physicians can also learn new methods and job skills from each assignment that they can incorporate into their practice.

MYTH #6: Locums only works for doctors at specific stages of their careers.

Truth: whatever stage of your career you’re in, locum tenens can help you find the right balance between life and work.

Locum tenens has benefits for every stage of your medical career, allowing you to do meaningful work while still leaving time for all your other priorities. In your early career, locums can help you gain clinical experience quickly and earn supplemental income to pay down medical school debt fast. In your mid-career, locums can be a way of transitioning to a new stage of your career, if you’re looking to advance in certain techniques, or practice in a different environment. In late career, locum tenens physician jobs can allow you to experience the benefits of retirement while still remaining clinically active.

MYTH #7: Locums doesn’t allow you to connect with patients.

Truth: Locum tenens allows you to spend even more time with patients, giving providers an increased sense of fulfillment.

While locums assignments may be temporary, there are so many opportunities to create meaningful connections with patients. In fact, because locums physicians don’t have the same administrative workload as hospital-employed physicians, they’re often able to spend much more time with their patients. In some cases, hospital facilities often contract with the same physicians for recurring assignments, allowing those physicians to establish long-term relationships with their patients.

In short: locum tenens enables you to focus on the reason that most physicians got into medicine in the first place: taking care of patients.

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