Locum tenens work is a great opportunity for healthcare professionals to work in different parts of the country. It can be an ideal way to experience different working environments, lifestyles and regions.

While you’re contemplating your decision to move across the country for work, the pressing questions you need answers to are:

  • How am I going to get there?
  • Where will I stay?
  • What costs are covered? 

Logistics like travel and housing are not a barrier to a potentially fulfilling locum tenens career. With the right partner, locum tenens work can take you anywhere you want to go.

We’ve outlined some of the typical travel and housing questions that arise for healthcare pros who do locum tenens work, to show you how easy it really can be to take the next step in your medical career.

Who pays for what?

Hayes Locums will handle round-trip transportation costs to and from your assignment. This can include air travel, lodging and rental cars. We’ll help to arrange your housing, ensuring that your accommodations are comfortable and appropriate for your type of stay. For example, if you’re in a long-term assignment for several months, we may try to find you a residence-style hotel room that includes a small kitchen. For longer assignments, we also have access to short-team leases at condominiums.

You are responsible for any personal expenses such as laundry services and meals.

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How far will I need to travel?

Where you travel for locums work is ultimately up to the type of work you are looking for. We encourage providers to maintain an open mind as personal travel restrictions can sometimes be limiting. You could be amazed by the location of your locums assignment in a positive and unexpected way. You could also end up working with great medical professionals and have fulfilling patient care experiences.

Your travel assignment details are organized and communicated through the travel manager and through your consultant.

“We encourage providers to maintain an open mind as personal travel restrictions can sometimes be limiting.”

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Can my family come with me?

Whether you have a spouse, significant other, children, pet or any combination of those, you might want to have them travel with you on your assignment — especially if it is for a longer period. In these situations, we will work with you to try and find the best arrangement possible. There is often a myriad of details to consider, such as whether pets are allowed at certain properties. We realize that your life does not stop on assignment. We work with our providers to ensure your comforts stay with you.    

Let’s talk travel and housing

If you have more questions on travel and accommodation details — or any other aspect of being a locums provider — please reach out to our team of experts to learn more.

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