The list of New Year’s resolutions seems completely doable when you’re looking ahead to January. Fast forward to a few weeks into February, where most of us can’t even remember what we set out to achieve in the first place.

As healthcare professionals, you don’t need a list of lofty resolutions that will ultimately lead you to feeling more overwhelmed than you already are. This is why our team at Hayes Locums went ahead and created The Locums List—a list of six New Year’s resolutions we know you can actually accomplish in 2022 by taking on locums assignments.

1. Take more trips.  

There are so many places to explore out there. Why not get paid to travel the country while practicing medicine at the same time? Our locums consultants will work with you to figure out how far you want to go, how long you can go, and who (if anyone) you might want to bring along for the adventure. 

2. Jumpstart a new career. 

Try a little bit of everything. Use locums to test out a few different options before you commit to a more permanent decision. Locums-to-perm is a great way to get a sense of the area, practice environment, what you’ll be doing, and who you’ll be working with – all before you sign on the dotted line for something more permanent. 

3. Give your income a boost.

Finally pay off a big chunk of medical school debt or start saving it away for retirement. Whatever financial goal you have in mind this year—having a locum tenens job as a side gig, or working full time locums are two of the best (and smartest) ways to supplement your income while maintaining control over your own schedule. 

4. Gain new experiences. 

From the smaller, rural clinics to the larger, urban hospitals—locums work always brings new environments and opportunities for you to learn from. Each facility you encounter brings diverse medical conditions, new patients and the chance to meet new colleagues. If you’ve been hoping to shake up your routine a bit, working as a locum tenens provider will help you achieve this resolution, while also providing you with a fresh perspective and a competitive edge amongst other providers. 

5. Live a more balanced life.  

Knowing your limits and when it’s time to take it easier on yourself is probably one of the most important resolutions for this year — especially as a healthcare professional. In 2020, 76% of healthcare professionals reported feelings of exhaustion and burnout.

The flexibility and freedom that comes with taking on a locums assignment is one of the top reasons providers like you choose this type of career path. Locum tenens work allows you to be in control of your own schedule, so you can choose when it’s a good time to take on the weight of extra shifts and when it’s time to cut back.

6. Lend a hand.

With locums, you’ll likely find the opportunity to provide care in underserved areas, whose communities would otherwise not have adequate access to healthcare. If one of your goals this year is to give back to the community, being a locum tenens provider does exactly that. You’ll experience first-hand the satisfaction of knowing the work you’re doing is appreciated and making a difference in rural areas that need it deeply. 

If you’re out doing locums this year, you won’t have a problem keeping true to this list of six New Year’s Resolutions, but just in case, try these helpful tips.

  • Write them out (by hand). Sometimes it’s easier to remember things if we put the pen to paper.
  • Tell someone about them. Accountability goes a long way in ensuring the success of our goals. 
  • Celebrate your wins. Once you realize you’ve accomplished one or all of the goals on your list, congratulate yourself by doing something celebratory.

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