One of the greatest benefits of locum tenens is the opportunity to travel, and we want to help make it a stress free experience.

When it comes to travel planning, Hayes Locums has you covered: our dedicated travel team handles all of your travel logistics, from booking your flight to making sure there’s a rental car waiting for you once you arrive.

And while we can’t take on all the stress of the travel itself, we’ve prepared a handy guide that will make getting to and from your summer locums assignments as seamless as possible.

Keep reading for tips on how to reduce your travel stress:

Skip Security by Signing up for Pre-Check

One of the best investments you can make in your locums career is signing up for global pre-check. Not only does it save you time by allowing you to skip security lines, it also makes the travel process less arduous: no need to remove your shoes or take your laptop out, and you can feel free to pack TSA-approved liquids in your carry-on.

There are two options available: TSA Pre-Check and Clear. TSA Pre-Check is the most cost-effective option: the application fee is $85, and once you’re cleared, your status is valid for five years.

At $15/month, Clear––a subscription-based program that allows members to verify their identities at touchless, biometric security kiosks––will cost you more. But it often allows you to get to your gate faster, since you can skip the identity verification line altogether. It also extends to other venues, like stadiums, arenas, and concert venues.

Pro tip: Check your credit card benefits: many travel cards now offer a credit for Clear and/or TSA Pre-Check.

Pack Smarter, Not Harder

We recommend keeping a locum tenens go bag: a small carry-on bag filled with locums essentials like chargers, travel-sized toiletries, and work items like your stethoscope, and an extra set of scrubs or lab coat. You won’t even have to unpack between assignments, and when it comes time to travel again, you can just grab your bag and go.

Pro Tip: Always pack an extra change of clothes in your carry on in case your luggage goes missing.

Download Travel Apps Ahead of Time

If you’re doing locums full time, keeping track of your many itineraries can be overwhelming ––even with the help of our travel team. We recommend downloading a travel management app that will keep track of your many trip itineraries, so you can see and respond to any changes in the schedule all in one place.

Pro Tip: TripCase is our favorite travel app: it sometimes even notifies you of changes in your flight status before the airline announces them!

Use Your Points

Be sure to sign up for any frequent traveler or rewards member programs you can. Almost every major airline, car rental company, and hotel line involves this kind of program, and being a member can make it much easier to navigate issues when they come up while traveling. As a bonus, membership in these programs often makes you eligible for upgrades, like access to airport lounges, that will make the traveling process more enjoyable.

Pro Tip: If you have a travel-specific credit card, check it for any benefits you may be able to use while traveling for locums. 

If all else fails, remember: our travel team is there to help. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure you have the best experience possible: before, during, and after your assignment.

Want to start planning your locum tenens summer travel? Start your job search today.