Looking for your perfect match? Call in our locum tenens staffing experts.

We know that finding a job that aligns with your experience and meets your criteria can feel daunting. But that’s one of the benefits of working locum tenens: our staffing consultants are skilled matchmakers with a breadth of knowledge of their field, and deep relationships with the facilities we serve. That means we know just what to look for when it comes to finding the right locum tenens jobs for our providers.

Here’s how our Hayes Locums consultants approach finding the perfect match:

Providing Relationship-Driven Service

The first step of any locums placement process is always connecting with a specialty-specific consultant: highly trained professionals with a wealth of expertise within your field. But it’s not just their knowledge of your corner of medicine that counts: it’s the time they take to get to know you, and your wants and needs.

The more familiar we are with you––what you like and dislike about your current or former jobs, the practice environments you prefer, the places you’d like to travel, your history and comfort level with certain clinical procedures––the better equipped we will be to find you the perfect locums job.

Our focus on relationships goes beyond the placement process. Your consultant provides a shoulder to lean on before, during, and after your assignment, to celebrate your wins, talk through any issues that might come up, and otherwise support you with whatever you need.

“[My Hayes Locums consultant] is trustworthy. I know if I call her with a problem, she will answer. She’s reliable. I always know she’s there for me, and I can talk to her about anything.” -Hayes Locums Physician | Midwest

Putting Providers’ Needs First

Our ultimate goal isn’t just to find you a job that you’re qualified for: it’s to find you the best possible match, a job where you can truly thrive.

To do that, we put your needs and preferences at the forefront. When we assess each opportunity, we align them not only with your clinical experience, but also more nuanced considerations, like what kinds of environments you’re most comfortable practicing in. For example, if you thrive in smaller hospitals, we’ll prioritize those in our search; if you prefer hospitals with plenty of support, we’ll avoid sending you to facilities with fewer resources.

That applies to outside of work preferences as well: if you have personal obligations you need to work around, we’ll make sure that any job we recommend will accommodate them, either by looking for shorter-term assignments, or long-term assignments that fit within your parameters. If you have family in a certain area of the country that you’d love to be closer to, we’ll prioritize those locations in our search.

Whatever your needs and desires, your consultant’s job is to get to know them well, so that they can find you a position that meets as many of them as possible.

“[My Hayes Locums consultant] knows I love exploring new areas, so she always tries to find me those types of assignments. Without locums, I probably never would have gotten to visit what are now some of my favorite places.” -Hayes Locums Physician | Southeast

Building Trust Through Transparency

A core part of our mission is always doing the right thing––and that means being honest with our providers. If we don’t think a job is a good fit for you, whether it’s because of a misalignment in the clinical requirements and your background, or because the environment doesn’t seem like the right fit for your preferences, we’ll tell you.

And when we do find the right locums job for you, we do our best to make sure you’re as prepared as possible. Our goal is to eliminate the element of surprise, so that you’re fully briefed on the expectations of the assignment before you ever walk in the door.

“I heard from people before I did locums that you have to be careful, because locums recruiters won’t always deliver on their promises. But my [Hayes Locums consultant] has never told me a single thing that he didn’t deliver on. If there are areas of concern, he is honest about it. If I have a problem, he figures out how to fix it quickly. I know that he would never put me in a situation where I feel unsafe, clinically. And if I did get into a situation where I didn’t feel comfortable, I feel confident that he would help me fix it.” -Hayes Locums CRNA | South

Ready to find your perfect match? Let’s connect. Call 1-888-837-3172, or search our open locums jobs.