At Hayes Locums, we are always seeking skilled providers who are ready to take on rewarding locum tenens work.

Whether you are new to locum tenens or a seasoned veteran, there are certain qualifications and characteristics that make up an ideal candidate for locum tenens work. 

Here are four attributes of an ideal locum tenens candidate:

Certifications & Qualifications

At Hayes Locums, we are dedicated to providing quality candidates who will provide quality care to their patients. Board- certified candidates are highly desired by many hospitals, and for most locum tenens jobs, it is required that you be at-least board eligible.

Board-certified candidates bring a higher level of expertise to their role, which not only makes them a more attractive candidate––it also means that they will be able to bring that expertise to hospitals that are in need of those skills and training.

If your specialty has an advanced medical certification associated with it, such as ATLS, ACLS, BLS or PALS, having an active certification can make you a more desirable candidate, and can often be required by the facility. It’s also a good idea to keep copies of your certifications, and keep track of their expiration dates.

Availability & Flexibility

While we work to fill a wide variety of hospital schedules, candidates who are flexible in terms of availability often have more success being placed. More flexibility on your part means we can find the widest variety of roles that you might be best suited for. 

Required availability varies by specialty and each specific facilities’ needs––some look to fill full-time vacancies, others look for weekend coverage, and still others may just be looking for someone to take call coverage to give their full-time doctors a break––but physicians with relatively flexible schedules have a higher chance of finding the best possible fit.

That commitment to flexibility goes both ways––our consultants are specialists in finding the right match between facility and provider, that suits both of their scheduling needs and preferences.


Possession of IMLC (Interstate Medical Licensure Compact) is a highly desirable asset for locums physicians, as it enables them to easily practice across state lines. Some positions require that physicians hold an active state medical license, or at least hold an active IMLC. 

While our licensing team can work with physicians who aren’t part of the IMLC to obtain their state licenses, the process often takes much longer. Joining the IMLC can make you a more highly desirable candidate, and broadens your scope of potential opportunities for locum tenens work. 


Locum tenens work requires you to be adaptable and resourceful, because you’re working in a new environment, which may have different technology, resources, and medical teams.

Locum tenens candidates who are comfortable practicing in a variety of environments can be a potential match for many different locum jobs. Some assignments may require them to be able to thrive in busy practice environments, and to efficiently manage the demands of a fast-paced healthcare setting. Other assignments may depend upon the physician to practice in a solo environment, relying on a smaller support team than they are used to. Almost all locum tenens jobs will require that they adapt to a different protocol or way of doing things, so adaptability is key.

Want to know more about what kind locum tenens work is out there for you? Let’s talk. Call 1-888-837-3172, or search our open locum tenens jobs.