Finding the right career opportunity at the right time in your life can be challenging. Maybe you’re working at a hospital you love, but the hours are long and you’re spending a lot of time away from your family. Or, maybe you have the right balance of work and social life, but your time at work feels unfulfilling. 

Your healthcare career can often be viewed as a marathon: Consistently demanding work over a long period of time. But what if there was an option that lets you sprint? Consider the idea of working hard for a shorter period and then taking a break. What if you could try out different work environments, management styles and techniques until you found the perfect fit? Sometimes too, your career path is unexpected. You might just need to try something — even if it wasn’t a job in a part of the country you had ever considered — to find exactly what you were looking for.

With locum tenens, you have both control and flexibility to:

  • Fill a critical void in a different part of the country.
  • Control your own schedule.
  • Regain time for family and friends.
  • Pay off your medical school loans sooner than originally thought.
  • Reduce hours and begin to ease into retirement.
  • Continue working with a focus on patient care.

Remedy for Burnout and More

Hayes Locums conducted research of healthcare providers at varying stages of their careers. The included providers were practicing different types of medicine around the country. Each had personal reasons for choosing locum tenens work.

A vascular surgeon told us that he opted for locums work to enhance his income while still maintaining the flexibility to spend time with his family. “Achieving that flexibility, while still maintaining autonomy to practice medicine the way you choose is extremely valuable,” he said.

The healthcare grind can lead to burnout, early retirement or even work resentment. Click here for data on how physician burnout comes with a monetary cost as well.

Locums work offers a different avenue toward your ideal career path, whether you seek work that’s more fulfilling, a more harmonious lifestyle or simply better pay. Scroll the Infographic below to learn more about why providers are choosing a better way to practice medicine through locum tenens. 


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