2022 was a milestone year for Hayes Locums: we celebrated our tenth year in business, and one of our strongest years of growth yet.

We started Hayes Locums ten years ago because we thought we could provide better service for physicians and hospitals. We believed in putting people first and dedicating ourselves to helping healthcare providers find the assignment that was right for them. This mission is what made our company grow.

When we first went into business, we started with one doctor at one hospital. Now, ten years later, when we look back on how far we’ve come, we are humbled.

The growth we’ve experienced is well beyond anything we ever imagined. The focus we put on finding quality providers the right assignments has made us a leader in the locum tenens industry. Hospitals and providers reach out––and come back over and over again––because they know the service they can expect from Hayes Locums. 

We understood back then that if we stuck to the values and the mission that we started with and continued to follow that path, our business would continue to grow. We have now grown into one of the largest staffing firms in the country

Our growth is attributed to every person who embraced the core value of our organization: to do the right thing, always. To strive toward making sure every placement is the right placement: because every Provider and Facility has their own wants and needs. We are committed to always putting others’ needs before our own: because at the end of the day, if we do our jobs right, we have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact in the lives of healthcare workers and patients across the country.

Our mission will continue to be to put the needs of our Providers and Facilities first––because when you treat people right, they keep coming back. Being a trusted partner is built one day at a time: by doing the right thing today, and tomorrow, and the day after that. Because we’re only as good as what we do today.

Thank you to every single one of our providers, facility clients, and our employees who have joined us in our mission. We couldn’t do this without you.