Salary rates for advanced practice providers are on the rise––especially for physician assistant locums jobs and nurse practitioner locums jobs.

While there are differences in average hourly wages between PAs and NPs, all have seen an increase in the past year: Physician assistant salaries have increased by about 5% in the past year, while the average nurse practitioner salary has gone up by 8%. 

Here’s how those hourly wages break down across professions for the top-five paying states: 

RankStatePA hourly
mean wage
NP hourly
mean wage
3New Jersey$63$65

*This data does not include rates for NP locums jobs or locums PA jobs. For a full breakdown on hourly wages for 50 states, see this report.

There are several factors driving this increase, but perhaps the biggest factor is the COVID-19 pandemic. APPs, especially those working in hospitals, have taken on additional hazards in their work than existed pre-pandemic, and rising wages are one way to compensate for the increased risk.

The pandemic has also resulted in increasing healthcare worker shortages, which means that more and more facilities are relying on locum tenens to address these shortages. This is especially true for NP’s and PA’s, who have been crucial in filling the primary care physician gap––currently, an estimated 51% of primary care providers are NPs or PAs.

One thing is clear from these salary trends: advanced practice providers are a more valuable resource than ever. 

That’s especially true for locums PAs and NPs. Because so many hospitals rely on locums to fill gaps in staffing, they are often willing to pay a premium for a locum nurse practitioner or a locum physician assistant. And the difference between a regular NP and a locum tenens nurse practitioner salary, or a hospital PA vs. a locums PA salary, can be significant.

What does this mean for NPs and PAs? Quite simply: if you’ve never tried locums, now is a great time to take the leap.

If you are already a locums provider, it also might mean that it’s time to reexamine your rates. As a healthcare provider during a time of increased worker shortages, you are a valuable resource, so it’s important to approach negotiations with that in mind.

As a general rule, locums providers should examine and renegotiate their rates on an annual basis. Our consultants have a depth of expertise on market trends, so they can advise you on how these increases affect your specialty, and advocate to facilities on your behalf.

Whether you’re an NP or a PA: there has never been a better time to try locums. Our consultants are always here to help you find a good match for you, and negotiate the best possible rate.

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