With a decade of experience making quality locum tenens matches between physicians and healthcare facilities under our belts, we’ve learned a lot about what it means to be a trusted partner to our clients.

Here are some ways we do things differently at Hayes Locums:

We Prioritize Honesty, and Don’t Overpromise

Our bottom line is, and will always be, quality matches. That means we don’t make promises we can’t deliver on.

We believe that it’s our job to tell the whole story. We’re not here just to put a bunch of CVs in front of you, we’re here to evaluate your situation holistically and give you the best recommendation possible. 

Part of telling the whole story is listening to our client’s needs, and being honest about how we can meet them. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes a facility has a need that we can’t realistically meet; for instance, when the timeline is too tight to leave room for proper licensing and credentialing processes to be completed. When this happens, our first priority is to be upfront about what we can and cannot do. Because our job isn’t to be yes men––it’s to be true partners to our clients.

We Emphasize Quality Over Quantity

We know you’re busy, and don’t have time to sift through 30-40 applications for physicians when you need a role filled urgently. So we do the legwork for you, by conducting our own thorough vetting process before we send you any candidates.

This internal process helps pave the way by making sure that the physicians we send to you check every single one of your boxes, and are qualified and comfortable filling the locum tenens position.

That means when we send you a pool of physicians to choose from, you may get a smaller sampling of physicians to choose from, but they’ll be a great fit.

Our Specialized Teams are Experts in Your Field

It’s difficult for one person or team to know every specialty and all of its procedures comprehensively, so each of our teams focuses their work on one specific specialty: from cardiothoracic surgery to pediatrics and everything in between. By zeroing in on a specific discipline, our consultants become experts in that space. They get to know their locums providers working within those specialties, and are often familiar with their schedule and availability, so they can reach out to them if there is a certain role for which that provider would be a great fit.

Our consultants take the job of knowing their specialties so seriously that our clients don’t just call us for recommendations: they call us for industry advice.

It’s not just our specialty-specific teams who are experts in their fields––all of our departments bring the same level of attention and focus to their jobs. Our travel team is a certified travel agency through ARC (Airline Reporting Corporation) and IATAN (International Association of Travel Agents Network). 

Our licensing team not only facilitates the licensing process: they also keep track of what’s happening across the industry so that we know when a certain board is understaffed or several months behind, and how it may affect your timeline.

Everyone on our team works toward the same goal: to take the pressure off of you by doing what we do best, allowing you to  continue making informed decisions about what your facility needs.

We Manage Your Risk, So You Don’t Have To

Our risk management team is second to none. We put more resources into our risk management and quality assurance team than many other firms, because we want to make sure we’re not just sending you a good provider––we’re sending you the right provider for your specific practice environment. 

To make sure we’re sending you quality matches, our QA team screens for items like: how many of the required clinical procedures a physician has performed and how recently, what environments they have practiced in, and their trauma experience level––as well as conducting extremely thorough reference checks.

Our risk management screening is more rigorous than any other locums firm out there because when it comes down to it, we want to make sure that your patients are not just in good hands, but in the right hands.

Our commitment to being trusted partners is what’s helped us be one of the fastest growing companies: because when you do something well, it’s bound to catch on.

Have more questions about what Hayes Locums can do for your facility? Let’s talk. Call 1-888-837-3172.