In these challenging times, it is critically important that we recognize the medical heroes who offer us hope, leadership and strength.

Acts of bravery and great courage are revealed daily by providers nationwide. On this National Doctors’ Day, we want to say ‘thank you’ to the medical community for its noble dedication to patient care and saving lives. We are facing the national emergency of COVID-19 head on, and it is unlike any other health crisis we have seen in this country. At Hayes Locums, we believe the men and women of our medical community epitomize the heroes we need now, more than ever. The pandemic has given their work an even greater sense of urgency.

Our providers and hospital and healthcare system clients are on the front lines of saving lives, despite the risks and uncertainties. They have a profound commitment to helping others. Today and every day moving forward, we want to acknowledge the hazards that physicians, advanced practice clinicians and so many others are intrepidly working through on our behalf. We offer all of you our heartfelt gratitude.

As the number of people who are testing positive continues to rise, we find ourselves in a seismic health emergency facing down a virus that has no boundaries. Metro urban areas as well as rural outbreak hot zones dot the map where COVID-19 keeps surging. This national emergency has touched us all, altering everyday life in unthinkable ways.

We offer all of you our heartfelt gratitude.”

No one can say for sure how long the health threat will last, or how much more our nation’s physicians will be asked to give, reports the American Medical Association (AMA). And yet, our physicians press on and shoulder all these responsibilities and more.

The AMA’s Principles of Medical Ethics provide guidance to physicians in times of a pandemic. It is instilled in providers to place a patient’s welfare above their own and to be guided by the ethical considerations involved in providing care under the most urgent and trying circumstances.

With our Deepest Gratitude

Today, on National Doctors’ Day, let us all unify in solidarity to express thanks and our deepest gratitude to all the selfless providers and others who have put themselves at great personal risk. We have all been impacted by COVID-19. Thankfully, the medical community is at it, in the thick of finding solutions for challenges beyond comprehension.

Hayes Locums is inspired by our providers. It is their grit, stamina and devotion to patient care that we find truly heroic. Our hearts go out to those who have tested positive for COVID-19 or have battled the virus and lost. And to the hardest hit epicenter communities, our thoughts are with the providers and others who valiantly work to stem the tide of the outbreak in hopes of saving lives and ultimately flattening the curve.

“Today, on National Doctors’ Day, let us all unify in solidarity to express thanks and our deepest gratitude to all the selfless providers and others who have put themselves at great personal risk.” 

The History of National Doctors’ Day

This commemorative day dates to 1933 to annually honor physicians. The first time it was observed, greeting cards were sent by patients and flowers were placed on the graves of deceased doctors. The date of March 30, 1842 was the first time a doctor used ether anesthesia. Over the years legislation was adopted to declare March 30th as a nationally recognized day. But it wasn’t until October 30, 1990, when President George Bush signed S.J. RES. #366 (which became Public Law 101-473) that March 30th was formally designated as National Doctors’ Day.

As we honor those who serve on National Doctors’ Day, this is our message: We are all in this together. Hopefully, the lessons learned from this unparalleled time will last far beyond COVID-19.

“We are all in this together.”

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