At Hayes Locums, we don’t rely on an algorithm to find you the right match. 

Our team relies on both their knowledge of your unique situation and their longstanding relationships with facilities to find just the right locums job for you. Our goal isn’t just to find you a position that you’re qualified for; it’s to find you a position where you can thrive. 

Here’s how the locum tenens placement process works:

Finding Locums Job
s That Fit

After connecting with you to learn more about your experience and preferences, your consultants will begin the search for potential locum tenens assignment. 

Here are the kinds of factors we take into consideration:

  • Your clinical experience. We ask for a list of required clinical procedures from facilities for every position. If the position requires procedures you don’t have experience with, or prefer not to perform, we can find you a position that’s a better fit.
  • Your preferred practice environments. We want to ensure we’re sending you into environments that you will feel comfortable practicing in; if, for instance, you’re used to hospitals with a lot of support and resources, your consultant will look for similar environments, as opposed to sending you to under-resourced facilities where you may feel less equipped.
  • Your travel preferences. Do you prefer driving to flying? Your consultant will look for positions within driving distance. If you have particular states or regions you’d like to visit––for instance, if you have family in the area––they can prioritize those regions as they search.
  • Your family situation. If you’d like to take family along with you, your consultant will search for assignments that can accommodate. If you have familial obligations that mean you’re unable to travel for longer-term assignments, they’ll look for short-term assignments that don’t conflict with those obligations.
  • Your other work responsibilities. Not every physician practices locums full time. If you have a full-time job, your consultant will look for short-term assignments that fit within your work schedule. If you have other part-time work––e.g. military reserve work––your consultant will make sure to take that into account as well.

Everybody’s situation is different. Your consultant’s job is to keep track of your unique needs, preferences, and experience, so they can find you a position that aligns with them.

Presenting You as a Candidate

Once your consultant finds an assignment that looks like a good option, they will call you to go over all the logistics and details, and make sure it’s a good fit. 

If you decide you want to move forward, your consultant will then present your information to the hospital. This is another area where the relationships they’ve built within their specialty are beneficial: often, they will have worked with the recruiting team at that hospital in the past, so they will know what they’re looking for, and how to best present you as a candidate. They will make sure to include any details that might strengthen your candidacy, e.g. a connection to the area, specific clinical expertise that is relevant to the position, etc.

At Hayes Locums, we’re known for focusing on quality over quantity when it comes to sending potential candidates to our client facilities. Our goal is to present you not just as a good candidate, but the right candidate for the position.

Providing Support and Advocacy Throughout the Interview and Placement Process

Once a facility has received your information and is interested in you, they will reach out to your consultant to schedule an interview. Your consultant will work with you ahead of the interview to make sure you’re fully prepared.

After the interview is over, they will check in with you to see how it went, and whether you still want to move forward. If you have any concerns, they will talk through them with you, and, if necessary, bring them up with the facility. 

At every stage of the process, your consultant will stay in touch both to let you know where things stand, and to see how you’re feeling about the assignment.

Assignment Offer and Confirmation

Once your consultant receives permission from the facility to confirm you, they will work with you and the facility to finalize all the details, including schedule and compensation.  Your consultant will negotiate your rate with the facility. They will talk through your needs beforehand, so they’re fully prepared to advocate on your behalf.

Once all of the details are agreed upon between you and the facilities, your consultant will send you a confirmation letter with details of the assignment, including dates and rate of pay.

After the assignment is confirmed, your consultant will guide you through the process of obtaining your state license (if necessary) and hospital privileges, coordinating travel, and otherwise preparing you to begin your assignment.

Finding the right locums job isn’t easy. That’s why we do the hard work for you: using our knowledge of you and our relationships with facilities to match you with the right placement.

Ready to start your locums journey? Let’s talk. Call 1-888-837-3172, or search our open positions.

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