Locum tenens is a strategic solution for hospitals and healthcare systems nationwide.

The National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO) reports that 90% of U.S. healthcare facilities use locum tenens physicians every year. That statistic validates our firm’s mission, which is to provide hospital and healthcare systems with qualified physicians and advanced practitioners to help with patient care on a short- and long-term basis. Through targeted sourcing, we reach out to providers who are open to locums. Whether you are a mid-career or late-career provider, or a graduating resident on your career path considering locums for the first time, there is a systematic approach to locums recruitment and placement.

Here are six steps that break down the process:

Step No. 1: Choosing a Locum Tenens Agency

When thinking about working with a locums agency, due diligence makes sense. As a physician or advanced practitioner, deciding which agency to work with is a critical decision. It’s a competitive marketplace not only among locums agencies, but also among peer providers looking for locums jobs. You really need to trust and have confidence in the agency that you work with. The agency you choose must be your No. 1 advocate.

Hayes Locums is distinguished by the following:

  • Hayes Locums has received the Best of Staffing Award for five consecutive years, consistently earning industry-leading satisfaction scores from hospitals and healthcare facilities and providers.
  • Recognized by ClearlyRated® as a Diamond Award winner, Hayes Locums received satisfaction scores of 9 or 10 out of 10 from 78.6% of their clients, significantly higher than the industry’s average of 24%.

The agency you choose is crucial because of the commitment that is promised and delivered. Hayes Locums believes in building relationships.

  • Our Consultants get to know our providers and the facilities we partner with, which is key to successful placements.
  • Finding short- and long-term opportunities for skilled physicians and advanced practitioners is our specialty.

At Hayes Locums we match the right providers with the right facilities. There’s a lot that goes into making every placement happen. We focus on what is most important to each provider, based on professional background and personal needs. We understand it is important to be represented by a Consultant who is laser focused on filling jobs specifically for your specialty.

In addition to your salary requirements, ask yourself a couple of questions: Are you seeking work-life-balance from a locums career? Do you want to be based in a certain geographic region? Communication between a provider and Consultant is key.

Our specialty-specific Consultants are dedicated to helping you. Spelling out your criteria for your next job provides us with the tools we need to move you forward through the recruiting and vetting process. Providing a competitive CV that is concise and properly formatted is a starting point in the process. Once your online application is complete, that’s when we work on your behalf to find an ideal match for you. 

Step No. 2: Presenting a Provider to a Healthcare Facility

When a Consultant has an opportunity that could be of interest to a provider, you will be contacted to discuss the details. Here’s what happens:

  • If it sounds like a potential fit and you are interested in the job, you will give us permission to present your CV to the client.
  • After a provider is presented to a facility, your Consultant will send you an acknowledgement email confirming that you have been presented for the job.
  • When the hospital or healthcare facility expresses interest in your candidacy, an interview with the medical facility personnel is the typical next step.

Step No. 3: Job is Offered and Confirmed

Congratulations! The job is officially offered, and the details are agreed upon by all parties. Once the hospital or healthcare facility decides to move forward with a provider for a locums assignment, then a confirmation letter is sent to the provider. The letter includes assignment details, such as the dates of the assignment and the rate of pay.

Step No. 4: Internal and Facility Credentialing

The next step is getting credentialed by Hayes Locums to go on assignment.

Our team works with the physician or advanced practitioner to help get them internally credentialed. Our in-house team also plays a critical role in getting the provider externally credentialed by the facility’s Medical Staff team. We work collaboratively and are dedicated to the successful placements of our provider candidates.

You will be guided through the licensing process. If you need to obtain another state license, we will work with you to obtain the license. We prefill the application. If necessary, our team serves as your liaison and conducts follow up with the medical boards.

Our Credentialing team will assist you with hospital privileges for your upcoming assignment(s).

Step No. 5: Travel is Arranged

Once the job is officially signed off on, there is typically a 30-day period before your assignment date.* That is when your Consultant will work with you to book travel arrangements. The Hayes Locums travel team is ready 24/7 to book your travel needs, from flights to car rentals and lodging. As a locum tenens provider, the following travel expenses are paid for by Hayes Locums: travel, tolls and lodging. Your consultant will be on standby to assist you should an emergency arise.

*There could be exceptions to the 30-day calendar norm and a provider may need to have travel expedited through our travel department. This would be based on the immediacy of a provider’s start date.

Step No. 6: Time to Go to Work!

Your Consultant will make sure that you understand the type of facility you will be working in. Typically, you will have an orientation day to get acclimated. We want to help you be successful from your first day of orientation and throughout the course of your assignment. Reach out to your Consultant with questions at any time during your assignment.

Once you have completed the job, it is time to get paid. Hayes Locums pays our providers every two weeks. You will complete a time sheet for your assignment. You can have the facility sign off on your timesheet or you can send it to your Consultant, and we can work directly with the facility to get it approved.

Trust in Your Locums Agency

Communication is critical to the locums process. Your Consultant works on your behalf to make certain everything is done in a timely manner. Once you and your Consultant have figured everything out, then you can trust in the agency you’ve chosen — from your salary requirements and priority must haves for work-life-balance to other personal requests. Your Consultant is your No. 1 advocate and will work hard to ensure that Hayes Locums is your preferred locums agency.

Have more questions about locum tenens? Let’s talk. Call 1-888-837-3172.