Our commitment to providing truly quality service is what’s made our locum tenens agency one of the largest and fastest growing locums agencies in the country: because when you treat people well, they keep coming back.

Since our founding 10 years ago, we’ve been committed to two driving principles:

  1. Putting the needs of our facilities and providers before our own;
  2. Always doing the right thing.

That commitment means that we go the extra mile for our clients by striving to provide a matchless degree of service throughout every step of the recruitment process: because we believe that a quality recruitment process leads to quality candidates, and thus better care for your patients.

Here are some of the ways that our locum tenens recruiters do things differently, and what our clients have to say about it:

We keep you informed every step of the way. A guess-free approach.

We know that medical staffing offices are busy––especially during this period of healthcare worker shortages––and you don’t always have time to track down your locums agency to check in on how your search is going. That’s why we place such a high priority on being proactive when it comes to communicating with our clients. 

“They provide excellent candidates, and are so responsive. They really take the time to keep me informed about their searches.”

-Hayes Locums Client | West

Our recruiters keep in touch at every stage of the process to let you know where things stand with your search, whether we’re updating you on a candidate’s interview schedule, or giving you an updated timeline on when you can expect their license to go through. Our goal is to keep you informed every step of the way, so that you are never left guessing.

“My consultants have been great––excellent communication and meeting our needs without being overbearing as we worked through the process.  They made our experience really smooth.”

-Hayes Locums Client | Midwest

We bring a matchless dedication to customer service. 

One thing that our recruiters have in common is that is that they go above and beyond to make sure your needs are met: from working overtime to fill an urgent need in a rural ER, to coordinating with our travel team to making sure your provider can make it to their assignment on time, regardless of travel conditions.

“Our consultant at Hayes Locums is exceptional and his commitment to provide us the best people and the time is outstanding. He has made himself available day and night weekends included. He’s a true problem solver––I wish I could get him to teach my people how to be this good at customer service.”

-Hayes Locums Client | Southeast

Our award-winning training department ensures that every single recruiter that completes our onboarding program is fully trained to provide quality service. We do this by emphasizing the importance of our core values––putting the needs of our clients first, and committing to always doing the right thing––in everything that we do.

“Great communication and people. Hayes is one of our first locum companies we go to when we have needs.”

-Hayes Locums Client | Midwest

We aim for quality matches, not quantity.

When it comes to recommending candidates, our goal is quality, not quantity. Instead of overloading you with options, we focus on finding candidates that fit your unique needs, so you can be confident knowing that your hospital and your patients are in good hands.

“Hayes is my go to locums agency. The candidates are high quality. I can not say enough about my consultants. They are great to work with and have done a fabulous job helping fill the needs of our organization. They have gone above and beyond for me, time and time again.”

-Hayes Locums Client | Midwest

That’s also why we take our internal credentialing so seriously––so that we can deliver candidates who are   qualified to give the best care possible to your patients. We are dedicated to finding not just any provider who fits your qualifications, but the best possible match for the position.

“Honestly, one of the best locum agencies that I’ve worked with. Their providers have been outstanding.”

-Hayes Locums Client | West

We prioritize relationships over the bottom line.

From the very beginning, our emphasis has always been on relationships over the bottom line. We listen carefully to our clients’ needs, so that we can develop a full understanding of your needs before we begin our search. We view our role as more than just a recruiter––instead, we strive to be a trusted and reliable partner to each of our facility clients. 

“The customer service provided by my consultants has been exceptional. They are attentive, responsive, and seem to truly care about our needs here.”

-Hayes Locums Client | Midwest

Our aim goes above and beyond sending you a pool of candidates to choose from. Instead, we conduct a holistic assessment of your needs, and provide you the best recommendation based on that assessment. 

Our consultants take the job of understanding the needs of their clients and the specifics of their specialties so seriously that their clients don’t just rely on us to provide excellent matches; they also reach out to us for industry advice.

“The service I received from Hayes Locums was 5 star! They went above and beyond. I appreciate the time and understanding they provided to me.” 

-Hayes Locums Client | West

Questions about how we can support your team? Let’s talk. Call 1-888-837-3172, or request coverage for your facility.